Learning fun for pre-school

and early years students








Colourful, free printable certificates for you to use with your classes. Press on the image to download the certificate.






 Educational Games



You have to guess the phrase from the clue provided.

You have four wrong guesses and the game is over.





The objective of the game is to click any number of blocks that would add up to equal the number on the right hand side of the screen. The game is over when you can no longer deduce the number on your right with the numbers on the game board. You clear the game when there is no number left on the board. Good Luck!


Lemonade World


 Control your own lemonade stand! From picking your lemons and getting ice to changing the recipe and buying advertisement, control your whole Lemonade World! Lemonade world is a game where you control your own lemonade stand! You get to pick your own lemons and even chip your own ice. You get to buy cups and buy sugar. You can even advertise to bring more customers to your stand. Live in your own lemonade world and see how much you can make!


 How many stars in the sky ?


Can you count all the stars ?



Can you save the kangaroo ?



Use letters floating in the water to make a bridge


Colouring Pages








Open My Coloring Book.


Farm coloring book


Peppa pig coloring book


Princess coloring



Cartoon coloring time


Easter egg coloring


Jigsaw Puzzles Games


Spiderman Comic book car


Coloring children jigsaw


Pocahontas jigsaw game


Printable Dot-to-dot Worksheets






Word Search Games


 Eat your words














































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